What is Sex Therapy?

Calgary Sex Therapists, What is Sex Therapy?

One reason that sex therapy is useful is that it makes sexual feelings and lovemaking a priority.
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Sex therapy can be used to fix sexual difficulties. It can help individuals understand their own sexuality plus the sexual feelings that are developing between the couple. It can enhance feelings of trust and intimacy. It deals with trauma including sexual trauma so that the couple can learn to be sexual in a positive way. It clears up sexual tension and misunderstandings. It clears up sexual addictions.
  1. Dr. Shannon St. Pierre is a fully accredited and Registered Sex Therapist
  2. She has over 25 years of experience in Calgary
  3. She Specialized in:
    1. Sexual Performance Issues
    2. Couples Therapy
    3. Relationship Counseling
    4. Sex Addiction

Dr. Shannon St. Pierre is a Registered Sex therapist with Diplomat and Supervisory status with ASSECT, and is also a family therapist and psychologist. Sex therapy is intricate and difficult work requiring sophisticated sex therapy skills. Ensure your sex therapist is qualified and registered. Sex therapy is exceedingly useful for many different types of couples.

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